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    As e-commerce becomes more popular, customers are finding great deals on gym equipment. However when your product arrives, it is drop shipped in a box that weighs 400 lbs with roughly 1,000 pieces to put together. Often times the company you purchase the equipment from will offer to have someone come out, unpack, and assemble your new machine for you for an additional fee. Be advised that these are typically 3rd party delivery men that have little to no experience with fitness equipment. They are usually delivery drivers for appliance companies that are paid to deliver an entire truckload in a day, before they head home. Believe us, because we speak from experience with all of the service calls that we get from customers that JUST purchased a new unit that they're already having problems with...

     Long story short, do yourself a favor and hire a technician, not an installer or delivery person. The main difference is, if there's an issue, our technicians can fix it usually on the spot. Just about every day we get repair orders for people with brand new machines that are missing parts, falling apart and/or have failed prematurely due to improper installation.  Let the professional installation team at Fix Fitness assemble your new item for you. Our service is always guaranteed to be done right. Not only will you have the satisfaction of knowing that your machine is put together and set up properly, but guarantee it to be safe and functioning at its best potential.

Moving or Relocating?

    Did you just move and need a professional to re-assemble your equipment for you?  Or do you need to relocate a machine? Give us a call.  We will send a technician, not an installer.  The difference is if there is a problem, we can fix it. Our experienced Technicians have also dealt with many of the issues that can often arise from improper installation. Not only will we provide you with a prompt assembly, but our equipment re-assembles usually come with a complimentary tune up and thorough cleaning at no additional cost. We won't leave until it's done right... How's that for service?

    Fix Fitness technicians are trained with high expectations, not only in their work detail, but also with customer satisfaction in mind. We expect our technicians to perform each and every job with attention to detail and that every machine worked on is done specifically to the manufacturer's recommendations and exact specifications. You can count on us to treat your home or facility like it was our very own, most prized possession. We will never do anything to any of our customers personal equipment, home or facility, that we wouldn't feel comfortable doing as if it were our own...

Rest assured, you can have the confidence that you'll be taken care of, from start to finish, by a company that continues to build relationships everyday, with many other confident customers, just like yourself.
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